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Rally Towels

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11" x 18" $58.54 $30.43 $25.86 $19.78 $16.82 $9.17 $7.34
12" x 20" $61.62 $32.03 $27.23 $20.82 $17.70 $9.65 $7.72
15" x 18" $64.87 $33.72 $28.66 $21.92 $18.63 $10.16 $8.13
12" x 31.5" $68.28 $35.49 $30.16 $23.07 $19.61 $10.70 $8.56
16" x 25" $71.87 $37.36 $31.76 $24.29 $20.65 $11.26 $9.01
23.5" x 42" $75.66 $39.33 $33.43 $25.56 $21.73 $11.85 $9.48

Rally Towels has a lot of purposes. This towel is not just used to keep yourself dry during the rally but it is also a way to show your support for your chosen team. In America, people tend to use this Rally Towel as a fan symbol in a Sports event. If you are likely to sweat due to cheering your team, you can use this Rally Towel anytime to wipe your sweat. Not just that, this Rally Towel can also be your companion if you are doing yard work. This will help you to make sure that you keep your hands dry, which is very important for keeping a firm grip on what you are holding. 

Rally Towels are recommended for people who plan to have outdoor events. You can use this towel as a practical giveaway in a Fun run event, Festivals, Sports Games, Concerts, etc.

You can customize your Rally Towels to your own liking. Just send us your artwork and we will assure you a good quality outcome.

You will be notified via email once the order has been shipped which includes the tracking number.
Yes! Unless it is an exact reorder, you always see an e-proof of your item which must be approved by you before we proceed!
You can always reach out to our Live Customer Service Associate via phones, emails, and chats to check the status of our order.
It would be better if your artwork is ready at the time that you are placing the order. However, you may also upload your artwork after you order as well by emailing us. The Subject of the email would be, Artwork: Order ######
Of course! You can Live Chat with one of our employees or call Customer Service at <> or phone us at <> to obtain help with your order.
You may send your artwork via email at <> or you may utilize the chat support that we have on our website. A representative will attend to you shortly. Please provide your order ##### and upload your artwork.
If there is a production error we will redo the pad without any questions asked.
Of course, you can. Following are the ways you can place your order: 1. Online 2. On the phone 3. On chat 4. Via email
Yes! We keep your artwork on file to make reordering and using your art on other products simple and easy!
Production time refers to the period it takes to make your apron order in our production facility. The time is based on business days, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.
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Rally Towels - Tote Bags Now

Rally Towels

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Golf Towels

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Step 2 Select Towel Size

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11" x 18"
11" x 18" - Tote Bags Now
12" x 20"
12" x 20" - Tote Bags Now
15" x 18"
15" x 18" - Tote Bags Now
12" x 31.5"
12" x 31.5" - Tote Bags Now
16" x 25"
16" x 25" - Tote Bags Now
23.5" x 42"
23.5" x 42" - Tote Bags Now

Step 3 Select Towel Material

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100% polyester-400g
100% polyester-400g - Tote Bags Now
Cool Butterfly Mesh-160g
Cool Butterfly Mesh-160g - Tote Bags Now
Double Sided Velvet-200g
Double Sided Velvet-200g - Tote Bags Now
Warp Knitted Polyester Cotton-400g
Warp Knitted Polyester Cotton-400g - Tote Bags Now
Fine Knitted Polyester-400g
Fine Knitted Polyester-400g - Tote Bags Now
Soft Waffle Fabric-400g
Soft Waffle Fabric-400g - Tote Bags Now

Step 4 Select Printed Sides

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Single Side
Both Embroidery and Imprint  is available - Tote Bags Now

Step 5 Select Accessories

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None - Tote Bags Now
Hooks & Grommets
Hooks & Grommets - Tote Bags Now
Elastic Band
Elastic Band - Tote Bags Now
Hanging Loop
Hanging Loop - Tote Bags Now
Hanging Loop & Clasp
Hanging Loop & Clasp - Tote Bags Now
Zipper - Tote Bags Now

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Individual Plastic bag
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Zipper Bag Package
Zipper Bag Package - Tote Bags Now

Step 7 Customize Your Towels

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Preferred File Type for Better Quality Product: AI, EPS, PSD, PDF

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