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10+ Creative Simple Tote Bag Design Ideas

Nowadays, everyone likes a good tote bag. After all, they’re eco-friendly (typically), convenient, and highly versatile, so what’s not to like? Even better, the shape of the bag allows you to display a design prominently, making it the perfect fashion accessory for any outfit.

If you’re struggling to find the perfect design or looking to sell customized tote bags, you’ll need all the ideas you can get. Go through the 12 simple tote bag design ideas listed in this article, and at least one will surely spark your creativity. Let’s begin!

10+ Creative Simple Tote Bag Design Ideas

Get Inspired With These Simple Tote Bag Design Ideas

Think of a tote bag as a canvas (often made using the fabric of the same name). Whatever you come up with can end up on there! Here are 12 simple tote bag design ideas to get you going.

1. A Blossoming Bag

There’s no doubt about it – floral designs will always be in style. They might not be groundbreaking (as Miranda Priestly sarcastically pointed out in “The Devil Wears Prada”). Still, they’re fun and colorful and can go with virtually any outfit. Depending on your preferences, you can go all out with a lavish garden-like display. Or, you can keep it more reserved with a delicate line floral design.

Canvas tote bag mockup

2. A Striking Canvas

A well-thought-out pattern can transform any bag from a run-of-the-mill piece to a miniature work of art. Use the same pattern all over the bag or go full abstract, mixing shapes, lines, and colors; the choice is all yours.

3. An Astrology Ode

Astrology has always had its dedicated “fan base.” Still, Gen Z has seemingly taken this love to a whole new level. If you belong to this generation or want to target Gen Z shoppers, designing an astrology-related tote bag is the way to go. The design in question can be virtually anything, from a quote perfectly capturing the essence of a specific Zodiac sign to a full-on shrine to your own sign (we’re looking at you, Leos!).

4. A Minimalist Heaven

Let’s say you consider elaborate designs a bit too much but aren’t a fan of a plain, monochromatic look. What then? The answer is simple – go for an intricate minimalist design. Your favorite emoji, a simple shape, or a quote, all of these can make your tote bag unique without overpowering it.

5. Words to Live By

Though tote bags have many uses, they’ve become particularly popular for carrying books, perfectly matching the oh-so-popular bookish aesthetics. So, why not dedicate the outside of your tote bags to books as well?

Use your favorite quote or create a whole series of quote tote bags for fellow book lovers. For instance, you can create bags based on Sarah J. Maas’s massively popular “A Court of Thorns and Roses” book series, starting with “To the stars who listen—and the dreams that are answered.”

Simple beautiful tote bag

6. A Bookish Delight

Tote bags and book lovers are so closely intertwined that another book-related design idea deserves a spot on our list. This design can have anything to do with the joy of reading, from a simple book to a detailed display of the perfect reading nook.

7. A Fine Line

This design idea is somewhat similar to the minimalist option but only involves fine lines. These tote bags will be all the rage among people who love this art style, some of whom even opt to get it tattooed on their bodies. When it comes to the design itself, you have plenty of options (as always). However, an abstract line drawing of a female face is always a hit.

8. A Laughing Matter

If you don’t take yourself too seriously, you’ll probably want your tote bag to reflect that. Use a joke, funny quote, or a meme as your design, and you’ll achieve just that. This is also one of the best simple tote bag design ideas for gift-giving, as you can make your friend a bag filled with your inside jokes.

9. Coffee as a Priority

If you drink coffee religiously (or know someone who does), you know how vital a good cup of coffee is every morning. That’s why it shouldn’t be surprising that some of the most widely used quotes across a variety of goods are precisely related to coffee. Does “But first, coffee” ring a bell? You can stick to these classics or find a unique way to express your love for this heavenly drink. Of course, don’t forget to carry the same tote bag on your morning coffee run afterward!

Beautiful textile tote bag mockup

10. Keep It Special

Having a tote for every special occasion sounds like a dream come true for any lover of this handy bag. This also sounds like an incredibly smart business move for any tote bag seller. So, don’t waste any time and start thinking of designs to honor a specific occasion, be it a holiday like Christmas or a special event like a baby shower.

11. A Green Choice

As mentioned, one of the most appealing aspects of owning a tote bag is its eco-friendliness. If this is also the primary reason you carry this bag, make it known with the design. This way, every time you walk down the street, you’ll encourage at least one person to think about the environment.

12. Stay on Trend

If you want to always stay on top of trends (or appeal to a style-conscious audience), incorporate the season’s hottest styles into your tote bag’s design. This will help your designed tote bag stand out from the rest and serve as a stylish fashion accessory.

How to Make Your Ideal Tote Bag Design a Reality

By now, you probably have a favorite (or two) among our simple tote bag design ideas. The next step is turning that idea into reality. With Tote Bags Now, you can do just that in a few easy steps.

All you have to do is choose your desired bag style and color, add the design, and you’re good to go! If you have an idea but aren’t sure how to turn it into artwork for the tote bag, you can also ask the experts at Tote Bags Now for help with the design. Visit Tote Bags Now today to get started.

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