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How Much Is the Tote Bag: The Ultimate Guide

There’s a why reason tote bags never go out of style. They’re versatile, offer plenty of storage space, and come in many prints and designs. All of which makes them ideal for people from all walks of life, as well as for the most diverse occasions. Whether you’re popping to the grocery store, going for a casual brunch, or attending a high-fashion event, there’s a tote bag that will match your outfit seamlessly.

But how much is the tote bag? Unfortunately, there’s no one answer to this question.

The sheer number of tote bag choices also reflects in quite a wide price range. After all, you can’t expect to pay the same amount for a simple canvas tote bag for your books and a highly sought-after designer piece.

This guide should help you understand the factors influencing the price of tote bags and, in turn, make an informed choice when adding this versatile accessory to your collection.

How Much Is the Tote Bag: The Ultimate Guide

What Determines the Price of a Tote Bag

The answer to the “How much is the tote bag?” boils down to several factors. Here are the most crucial among them.

The Choice of Materials

Like with any bag, the choice of materials can significantly impact the product’s final price. It goes without saying that premium materials come at premium prices.

When most people hear the word "tote bag," they think of the classic canvas bags. Now, despite a common misconception, canvas isn’t a fabric. Rather, it’s the style in which the fabric is weaved. As for the actual fabric materials for canvas tote bags, they are typically cotton and linen.

But regardless of the exact composition, canvas tote bags are among the most affordable and common tote bags in circulation. This “fabric” is beloved for its flexibility, durability, and excellent ability to hold the ink from prints.

If canvas is on one end of the tote bag price range, marking the most affordable option, leather is on the opposite end, signifying a more premium and significantly more expensive option. However, you’ll rarely see leather tote bags on casual outings. These are typically produced by high-end brands and favored on more formal occasions.

White tote bag mockup


Size can also be an important factor in determining the price of a tote bag. Of course, tote bags are generally bigger than “regular” bags. But still, not all tote bags are the same size.

In most cases, the bigger the tote bag, the higher the price. This is perfectly understandable since larger tote bags call for more material. Though it’s not an exact science, you can check out the common sizes of tote bags below in terms of their width, height, and depth:

  • Small: 22 inches x 15 inches x 8 inches
  • Medium: 16 inches x 15 inches x 5 inches
  • Large: 12 inches x 13 inches x 4 inches

However, keep in mind that smaller tote bags won’t always be cheaper. If these models include more intricate designs and hardware, they can be costlier than their larger but plainer counterparts.


As previously stated, tote bags with unique, intricate, and complex designs usually cost more than generic pieces. The same goes for the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Do you want a handmade or an artisanal tote bag? If so, be prepared to pay for it accordingly.


In the bag game, it’s all about the brand. Though tote bags are more mass-produced and primarily associated with practicality and eco-friendliness, they aren’t excluded from this stylish competition.

Many well-established luxury brands produce tote bags. Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, and Goyard are just some of them. Unsurprisingly, these bags are much costlier than standard totes. Now, this can be due to the craftsmanship and the choice of quality fabrics. But often, it has more to do with the prestige associated with this brand.

If you’re one of those people who want tote bags due to their practicality and convenience, don’t let these big names scare you. There are tons of “no-name” tote bags that won’t burn a hole in your wallet yet remain your faithful companion for years to come. You can even custom-make high-quality tote bags at a fraction of the cost of their designer counterparts.

Best tote bag mockup


Suppose you opt for the custom-made route. In that case, the level of customization can also be a deciding factor in the final cost of your tote bag. The fabrics, style, colors, and details you choose will all contribute to this cost.

Even when custom-made, basic, no-frills tote bags are quite affordable. As you further tailor the tote to your exact preferences, the price will rise accordingly. However, so will the personal significance of the tote bag.

How Much Is the Tote Bag?

With all the influencing factors out of the way, let’s talk numbers. How much is the tote bag?

You can find basic tote bags for as low as $6 to $8. On the other end of the spectrum, designer tote bags can go well beyond a staggering $2,000.

As for custom-made tote bags, it all depends on the quantity. If you’re getting these bags in bulk, for promotional purposes, you can pay as little as $1.50 per bag.

Where to Purchase Tote Bags

Those wanting to purchase a tote bag will undoubtedly be spoilt for choice. Numerous retailers and online shops offer a wide array of tote bags catering to various tastes and budgets. As for custom tote bags, it doesn’t get better than Tote Bags Now. Regardless of your budget, you’ll be able to create high-quality, personalized tote bags for a variety of occasions using this handy service.

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